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Breaking out of the “single project” mindset and building a steady stream of monthly recurring revenue has been the key to success in my WordPress consulting business. The problem is that once you learn about how to offer WordPress Site Maintenance packages you will probably be wondering what tools do I use? If you’re like …

Manage Multiple WordPress Websites + Automate Client Reports Read More »

Wondering how to login to your WordPress dashboard? No worries – you are not alone! In this video you will learn how to access your WordPress admin dashboard through a direct link so you will be able to login and make changes to your website. Lost your password? I will show you how to recover …

How to Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard (for Beginners) Read More »

Full Site Editing – What It Is and How It Works Wondering what’s new in WordPress 5.9? This is the first major release of 2022 and it is packed with many new features and improvements. In this video I’ll give you a sneak peek into what’s coming in WordPress 5.9 such as:  Full Site Editing …

WordPress 5.9: What is Full Site Editing (FSE)? Read More »

how to sort woocommerce products | Jennifer Franklin Media

Are you wondering how to manually sort WooCommerce products? Over the past few years I have helped quite a few entrepreneurs get their online shops set up and a question that I get asked a lot is how do I rearrange the products in my WooCommerce store? There are a number of reasons why you …

How to Sort WooCommerce Products (+ Video Tutorial) Read More »

Wondering how to migrate / move your WordPress site to a new host in 2020? The problem is migrating your WordPress website can seem overwhelming and confusing. In this video, you will learn how to easily pick up and move your WordPress website to another host in just 20 minutes or less using a WordPress …

How to Migrate WordPress Site to a New Host Read More »

Wondering how to buy a domain name from GoDaddy in 2020? In this video, buying a domain name for your website is MADE EASY with STEP by STEP instructions. Apply GoDaddy PROMO CODE here: https://www.anrdoezrs.net/j377hz74z6M

Wondering how to migrate / move your site to Flywheel’s Managed WordPress Hosting? Learn how to easily move your WordPress website with the FLYWHEEL MIGRATIONS plugin.

Wondering how to reset your WordPress website to the default settings? In this video, you will learn how easy it is to reset your WordPress website back to the default settings using a WordPress plugin called WP Reset.

10 step guide to secure your WordPress site | WordPress Made Easy | Jennifer-Franklin.com

Worried About Securing Your WordPress Site? Here’s a 10-Step Guide: 10 Ways in Which You Can Secure Your WordPress Site From Hacks Imagine walking into your home after a vacation and finding everything in shambles. Your wardrobe has been ransacked, all your hard-earned cash, jewelry is stolen. Something very similar could happen with your WordPress …

10 Tips to Safeguard Your WordPress Site From Hackers Read More »

how to embed TikTok videos in WordPress | Jennifer-Franklin.com

Wondering how to embed TikTok videos in WordPress? In this video, you will learn how to easily add your Tik Tok videos to your WordPress website using the new TikTok Content Block available in WordPress 5.4. You can now embed your TikTok videos just like you would your YouTube videos using a new TikTok content …

How to embed TikTok videos in WordPress Read More »

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