Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

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Make it easy for your website visitors to share your content with the Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin.

Don't have a WordPress website up and running yet? No worries!

There's a blog post for that:

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My favorite social sharing WordPress plugin that I have found (and I have tried A LOT of them) is Social Warfare.

Here's Why I Chose This Plugin

1. It Looks Good

The Social Warfare WordPress Plugin is good lookin'.

The buttons are uniform and large enough that your website visitors can't miss them.

You will love the continuous scroll: the buttons hang out at the top or bottom of your web page (you get to pick) as your visitor scrolls down so they can't miss them.

2. Won't Slow Down Your Site

Nothing is worse than a WordPress plugin that slows down your website.

The Social Warfare plugin is lightweight and blazing fast and won't slow down your site.

3. Custom Social Share Buttons

Easily get custom social share buttons to match your websites branding.

There are over 5,000 potential style combinations so you are sure to get a unique look.

4. Pinterest Images

Power up your Pinterest sharing by uploading a Pinterest-specific image and description.

Choose which image gets shared from your website on Pinterest.

5. Custom Tweets

Customize the tweets that pop up when a visitor clicks your Twitter button and add an image that will get shared along with it.

Warfare Plugins

6. Click-To-Tweet

This might be my favorite feature!

The Social Warfare WordPress plugin makes it super simple for your visitors to share your content on Twitter.

Create shareable Tweets that your visitors can click to Tweet from within your blog posts like this:

Social Warfare: the best social sharing WordPress plugin features click-to-tweet for your blog posts!Click To Tweet

7. Social Proof

Display your social share counts right on the buttons. This is a powerful tool to encourage more shares.

8. Responsive

The Social Warfare social share buttons are responsive and will look good no matter what size screen your content is viewed on.

9. Analytics

UTM tracking is automatically added to every shared link so you can track how your blog posts are performing via analytics.

10. Share Count Recovery

Recover your share counts when switching permalink structures or going from HTTP to HTTPS.

What do you think?

Have you tried the Social Warfare plugin?

Share your thoughts below.

I'd love to hear from you!

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Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin that I have found and recommend is Social Warfare by Warfare Plugins. Learn more at
Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin
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