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My inbox continues to overflow with bloggers and business owners looking for WordPress website help... 

How do I make my WordPress website look like the theme demo?

I am STUCK setting up my WordPress website...HELP!

I hit publish on my WordPress page only to refresh and find my website still doesn’t look quite right, what am I doing wrong?

Do you struggle with setting up your WordPress website?

You are not alone!

I get it.

Setting up your WordPress website can be confusing, challenging and sometimes overwhelming.

There are times when I still get stuck too.

The following email arrived in my inbox from the sweetest woman:

"I have a website which needs some help.

She went on to say:

I have no problem with creating the content, it's basically WordPress formatting that I have difficulty with.

I have been posting monthly since August 2017 making for a very long Home page.

I need to get the previous months into Archives but I don't know how.

Her biggest concerns were:

I simply want the Home page to contain only the current month's blog.

Home page repeats entire contents for a second time.

Contact page needs box formatting.

I don't do internet jargon well, or at all, so I'm sure widgets or plugins would help with some other questions I have like: can I get other fonts installed, use a block formatting on text, make a listing of tags for web recognition, create borders around quotes... etc.

She continued...

I am looking for someone to correct my problems and work with me as a tutor.

Once the Archives page is set up I want to be able to make the monthly transfers myself."

She was simply looking for someone to set up her WordPress website to her specifications so that she could easily add her content going forward.

Because so many of my clients struggle to get their WordPress websites set up, I created the following FREE Quick Start Guide for you to download: 

Website Launch PRO quick start guide to set up your wordpress website faster | jennifer-franklin.com

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WordPress Website Help

Together we came up with a plan to get her website working for her:

  1. WordPress Website Review: review her overall website design and setup and make suggestions based upon our findings.
  2. Premium WP Theme + Plugins: install a Premium WP Theme and Premium Drag + Drop Page Builder.
  3. Essential Plugins:  install and set up only the essential plugins.
  4. Overall Design: set up the overall design to her specifications and address the following: Home Page re-design (only current blog displayed), Contact Page re-design (box formatting), Organize Blog Post Archives, Create Tag Cloud, Font Options, Other Formatting Issues.
  5. Video Tutorials: access to WordPress Video Tutorials so that she can continue to learn WordPress.
  6. 90 minute 1:1 Video Coaching Session: learn how to create pages and posts and easily update her website all on her own so that there is need to hire someone every time she has a change.

1. WordPress Website Review

She definitely knew what she wanted with an exact idea in mind and needed someone with WordPress knowledge and experience to help her get her website set up so that she could focus on her writing and stop stressing out over the tech.

2. Install Premium WordPress Theme + Plugins

She had the TwentySeventeen WordPress theme installed.

While this is a popular theme, it doesn't look very pretty nor does it have many customization options.

We chose one of my favorite WordPress themes, GeneratePress, because it is lightweight, fast and mobile responsive.

In addition, it is flexible and allows us to customize it to fit her needs.

She was accustomed to using Microsoft Word to copy and paste her blog content into the WordPress's WYSIWYG classic text editor.

However, she experienced a number of formatting issues when doing this.

This powerful premium page builder is trusted by over 1 million website owners and allows her to make edits all on her own.

She can see the website changes take place on the front end with an easy to use drag and drop editor.

3. Install WordPress Plugins

Only the essential WordPress plugins are installed to meet her needs: easy to edit design, a text editor similar to Microsoft Word, mail deliverability and a working contact form.

PRO TIP: The type and number of WordPress plugins required for your website will vary depending upon the individual needs of your site.

Best practice is to only install plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory that are well known and updated frequently by their author.

4. Set Up Overall Design

Once the WordPress theme and plugins are installed we got to work customizing the overall design to meet her needs as outlined below:

  • Home Page re-design (only current blog displayed)
  • Contact Page re-design (box formatting)
  • Organize Blog Post Archives
  • Create Tag Cloud
  • More Font Options
  • Other Formatting Issues

5. WordPress Video Tutorials

Included in the custom dashboard of her website are WordPress Video Tutorials that she can access at her convenience.

Some of the topics covered in the WordPress Video Tutorials include:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Media
  • YoastSEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Builder

6. 1:1 WordPress Coaching Call

The final step was to schedule a 1:1 WordPress coaching call with her so that she could learn how to customize, edit and add content to her WordPress website all on her own.

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p.s. Do you need help with your WordPress website?

I am happy to help!

Work with me to launch or re-launch your professionally designed website that gets leads, sales and results on autopilot.

You get the tools, training and support you need.

Click here to tell me more about your website and what you want to achieve. 



WordPress Website Help | It's time to strop struggling with WordPress | Jennifer-Franklin.com
WordPress Website Help: It\'s Time To Stop Struggling
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