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Last week I helped Charlene Ricketts, a Close To My Heart independent consultant, set up her WordPress paper crafting blog: CharCats-Creations.com.

I met Charlene through a Facebook Group for Blog to Biz Hive students, an online course by Melyssa Griffin that teaches the exact strategies she used to grow a million dollar blog.

Charlene's post:

"Hey there Hivers- well- I have my website on a host- SiteGround. I have WordPress installed. I also have Elementor installed. WHY can't I seem to get it past that point? I am so confused with all the options and labels and when I preview themes they always seem different things and different sizes.... I'm getting really frustrated. Anyone have a dictionary of website building terms?"

Charlene expressed what many new bloggers, including myself, feel or have felt when you start a blog:



But it doesn't have to be this way.

Just Imagine How It Would Feel...

  • if you could stop feeling confused and frustrated.
  • you could focus on creating your blog content and growing your business.
  • if your WordPress website was set up for you.

As a new blogger you have two choices:

1 | You could continue to try and figure out how to set up your WordPress website design all on your own, which could ultimately lead to more time, frustration and overwhelm.

2 | Or you can let me set up your WordPress website design with all of the technical stuff out of the way; all you have to do is enter your content and start making sales.

Charlene chose option #2 and within a matter of days her blog was set up. Next, we met virtually for a 1:1 WordPress coaching call and she learned how to add content to her new blog.

Start A WordPress Paper Crafting Blog

Here are the steps I took to set up Charlene's WordPress paper crafting blog in just two days:

  1. Install WordPress Theme
  2. Install WordPress Plugins
  3. Set Up Overall Design
  4. 1:1 Coaching Call

1 | Install WordPress Theme

Charlene had tried multiple WordPress themes. I installed my "go-to" WordPress theme, GeneratePress. It is lightweight, fast and mobile responsive. The GeneratePress theme plays nice with all of the plugins that I use. Plus, it can be customized a million different ways.

2 | Install WordPress Plugins

Charlene also had multiple plugins installed, but she wasn't quite sure what most of them were for.

To get started, we removed the plugins that she didn't need and installed the following:

PRO TIP: She has plans to sell products on her paper crafting blog in the future so I recommended the WooCommerce plugin.

3 | Set Up Overall Design

Once the WordPress theme and plugins were installed, I got to work customizing the overall design.

The GeneratePress WordPress theme allows for front end customization so you can see the changes live as you make them.

Charlene sent me her preferred color palette, blog categories and website design ideas as a starting point. She also really wanted to incorporate her cat in her logo.

4 | 1:1 WordPress Coaching Call

The final step was to schedule a 1:1 WordPress coaching call ($250 value) with Charlene so that I could show her how to customize, edit and add content to her WordPress paper crafting blog.

Included in the custom dashboard of all my client WordPress website design projects are 60+ WordPress Video Tutorials that you can access at your convenience.

Some of the topics covered in the WordPress Video Tutorials include:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Media
  • YoastSEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Builder
WordPress Paper Crafting Blog: CharCats-Creations.com | Case Study: How To Start A WordPress Blog In Two Days. Learn more and download your free blog planner at Jennifer-Franklin.com.

ABOUT | CharCats-Creations.com

Charlene Ricketts is a Close To My Heart independent consultant who started a WordPress Paper Crafting Blog to share her passion for paper crafting and teach others how to create memories with paper.

Since 2009 she's been telling the stories of our memories, making cards to give, and fun things like banners and multimedia projects to display in her home. Visit her brand new WordPress paper crafting blog at CharCats-Creations.com.

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