How This Inspirational Blogger Made The Switch From Wix To WordPress

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Switch from Wix To WordPress

How do I make the switch from Wix to WordPress?

Maybe you are struggling with this right now.

Perhaps you started your website on Wix and now your business has grown; you realize you need more.

If so, you are definitely not alone.

Deciding the best solution for building your business website is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly.

Today I am going to share with you how Jazmin Frank, an Inspirational Blogger, made the switch from Wix to WordPress.

Spoiler Alert: I have helped many other time-crunched entrepreneurs switch from Wix to WordPress and I can help you too! ūüôā

Meet Jazmin

I was a freshman in college when my fingers settled on the keyboard to type out my first blog post. I had a whopping twenty subscribers, all of them friends and family who wanted to keep up with my life while I was away at college.

At the time I started a blog just to have a blog and begin developing the discipline of writing on a consistent basis. It felt like one small step toward my dream of being a published writer. One step of being vulnerable enough to share my words and my heart with others.

Fast forward to the years after graduation and I felt the need for a change. I was ready to start taking this blogging-thing seriously and use it to build my online presence beyond my super-secret Blogger account. I wanted my own website with my own domain. I wanted a place to share more than just life updates and actually provide encouragement and hope-filled content. So I did some research and ended up setting up shop on

I’d heard about WordPress, but given the amount of time my teaching job required and my lack of knowledge about how to set up a website, WordPress just didn’t seem feasible. made it easy to do it all myself and I didn’t have to deal with building my site in one place and hosting it somewhere else. It felt like a good fit.

Until it wasn’t.

I kept up with my Wix account for two years before feeling like, once again, it was time for a change. After making the switch from full-time middle school teacher to full-time dream-chaser running hard after my writing dreams, Wix just felt like a pair of too-small jeans I had to wiggle into and couldn’t button anymore.

I needed an upgrade.

After some more research I knew I needed to make the jump to WordPress, but the thought was overwhelming. I didn’t know the first thing about coding or web design outside of Wix’s handy dandy drag-n-drop builder.

In desperation I reached out to the Blog Biz Facebook group I’m a part of through Melyssa Griffin’s Blog to Biz Hive program, and in the matter of an hour Jennifer messaged me and offered her services. She explained that she had just recently helped a client make the same move from Wix to WordPress and was willing to help me do the same.

I looked over her website and a few of the others she’d designed for various clients then decided to go for it.

And boy am I glad I did!

She made the move from Wix to WordPress seamless and simple. She set me up with the right tools and plugins to help me manage the website on my own (including Beaver Builder with its drag-n-drop design tools!).

Once all the pieces were in place, she set up a Skype session to walk me through how to use the new system.

Jennifer did the work in a matter of days that would have taken me months to figure out. Because of her I’m able to start implementing some of the plans I’ve had churning in my brain that I wasn’t able to pursue with Wix.

Not only has she been extremely helpful, but she was also affordable. As someone trying to get a new business off the ground, my budget was very limited. But when Jennifer gave me the run-down of her services and the quote, I wanted to throw confetti. She provides quality services that the average person can afford.

I could not have dreamed up a better web designer for my situation than Jennifer. She is intelligent, informed, and one of the kindest people. Her heart and passion to help people get their websites off the ground is inspiring. And even a month after the launch of my website, she’s still just an email away, continuing to offer help and support as I continue to learn the WordPress Dashboard.

She is well-deserving of a five stars review, two thumbs up, and a happy dance. Job well done!

Jazmin Frank about page photo

Jazmin N. Frank is an inspirational blogger, dream-chaser, and pre-published author. You can often find her catching up with friends over chocolate donuts, curling up with her most recent stack of books from the library or local bookstore, and creating hope-filled content for her blog. Learn more about Jazmin and her blog (and see Jennifer’s amazing work!) at

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