To-Do List A Mile Long? How To Delegate Tasks Like A Pro

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What does a casino, 60 minutes and your business have in common?

This past Saturday my kiddos and I voluntarily locked ourselves inside of a casino room and were given only 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles in order to break out.

Sounds crazy, right?

With each puzzle...

We thought.

We discussed.

We tried.

We failed.

We tried again.

We failed.

When we got stuck, we asked for help.

We tried again.

In the end, every puzzle had a solution.

We kept trying knowing that in the end we would eventually escape.

The same is true in business.

We will have problems that need solutions.

We will sometimes try and sometimes fail. We can’t let our stumbles define us or our success.

But most of all...

"In order to solve our problem (each puzzle) and reach our end goal (to break out) quicker, WE ASKED FOR HELP."

When we entered the room, we were told that we would have access to unlimited clues.

YAY! This was a game changer.

Knowing we could get help at any moment, we all approached each puzzle with the intent to try and figure it out; however, each of us had our own threshold for the amount of time that we would spend struggling.

Some of us wanted to get help right away in the beginning, others of us wanted to wait until after a few tries, and finally the rest of us wanted to keep trying even though the clock was quickly ticking down.

I believe we can be divided into 3 distinct groups:

  • The Do It All Myselfer
  • The Do Some Of It Myselfer
  • The Hire Someone Elser

The Do It All Myselfer

In the beginning, I was the stubborn, figure it all out on my own, Do It All Myselfer.

I am curious by nature and wanted to learn how everything works. I am a problem solver and wanted to figure it all out on my own.

What happened is this:

I got stuck in what I call a “Destructive Learning Loop.”

Don’t get me wrong, learning isn’t bad. 

It’s when I got stuck in a constant loop of learning, more learning, and even more learning without DOING that my business stalled and I stopped progressing.

If this sounds like you, here’s how I got myself out of the destructive learning loop:

Start taking action TODAY. Spend less time learning and more time doing.

-> Need help? I whipped up a workbook just for you: SEND IT TO ME!

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The Do Some Of It Myselfer

This is the stage where I began to see exciting growth.

I realized that in order to move the needle forward and keep my sanity and life balance, I can’t do it all on my own.

How to know where to get help?

Make a list of tasks that take up a lot of your time. Write down some areas of your business where you are stuck.

Next TAKE ACTION and ask for help on those items that are keeping you STUCK -> Grab your FREE TO-DO LIST OPTIMIZER here!

The Hire Someone Elser

When I started my first online business, a baby boutique, over 15 years ago I realized that I had to get out of the Do It All Myselfer stage...stat.

At the time, I was traveling around the countryside with a one year old and 2 puppies...and I was determined to start my own business so that I could take this show OFF the road and settle down working from home ASAP.

Building my own website to sell my baby products would take me waaaaaaaaay too much time to try and figure out.

Oh, I tried.

And I failed.

I tried again.

Here’s the wasn’t until I asked for help that I was able to move toward my goal quicker.

I hired someone to build my first website.

Instead of spending months researching how to build my business website, I was able to connect with wholesalers, research products to sell and began making sales faster than I thought possible.  

And that feeling when you make your first sale from your very own website?

Ahhhhhmazing! ūüôā 

And the best part?

By asking for and hiring help, I experienced a mindset shift.

I INVESTED in myself and my business and this is a game changer.

I started thinking of myself as CEO and taking control of my business rather than my business having control over me.

How about you?

Overwhelmed by the current state of your “to-do” list, I challenge YOU to ask for help and BREAK OUT of the destructive learning loop.

I’ve created a FREE workbook to help you identify what tasks in your business you should get help with RIGHT NOW so you can stop running in circles and start moving your business forward -> SEND IT TO ME!

Where shall I send your To-Do LIst Optimizer?

+ start crossing off your to-do list today!

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Which problem solver do you see yourself as now and which one do you want to be?

Let me know in the comments below!

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