Favorite WordPress Theme: GeneratePress

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Favorite WordPress Theme

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Today I give you a peek inside one of my favorite WordPress themes: GeneratePress!

A question that I get a lot is:

"Which WordPress theme do I choose?"

I get it.

Choosing a WordPress theme can be difficult and overwhelming.

There are sooooo many WordPress themes out there that it can be hard to decide on the right one for your needs.

Until now.

I have tried and tested tons of WordPress themes over the years and one theme that I keep coming back to over and over again is GeneratePress.

UPDATE | CLICK HERE for a peek at my other favorite WordPress theme. (a girl can have more than one fave 😉 )

On the outside it doesn't look very fancy or flashy.

It is pretty generic.

BUT...it's what you can do with it that makes it one of my favorite WordPress themes.

GeneratePress is lightweight, fast and mobile-friendly out of the box, plus it can be customized so many ways that no two sites look the same.

Just A Few Reasons Why I Love GeneratePress:

1. Blazing Fast Load Times

GeneratePress is by far one of the fastest loading WordPress themes that I have come across.

PRO TIP: Avoid themes that are full of extra software that you don't need.

Your website visitors won't wait around for your website to load and it makes for a bad user experience.

2. Lightweight

GeneratePress is lightweight and doesn't have a lot of "extra stuff" that weighs down your WordPress site.

The extra add-ons are packaged up into a handy little plugin so that you can turn on or off the features that you would like to use.

Love that!

3. Mobile Friendly

Many internet users access websites from a mobile device and that number continues to increase.

For that reason alone I love that GeneratePress is mobile responsive and your website will look good on mobile devices.

4. Customize It

GeneratePress can easily be customized using the front end theme customizer tool so that you can see your changes take place.

Change your colors, fonts, layouts, logo, backgrounds, menus, and more.

5. It's Free!

And the best part?

GeneratePress is free!

I have a feeling that you are going to love it as much as I do.

The Premium GeneratePress Add-Ons are a steal at just $49.95.

I've purchased WordPress themes with a lot less options for a lot more money.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It

People love GeneratePress: over 2,186,849+ downloads and counting. 

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts on one of my favorite WordPress themes, GeneratePress.

Leave a comment below!

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Favorite WordPress Theme: GeneratePress
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