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Wondering what's new with Astra Starter Templates?

In my last video I shared with you how to install the Astra WordPress theme and Astra Starter Sites on your WordPress website.

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The problem is within a few days of releasing that video, Astra came out with a totally revamped version of Astra Starter Sites — now known as Astra Starter Templates 2.0

In this video I will be sharing with you: 

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    What are Astra Starter Templates?

    Astra Starter Sites (now known as Astra Starter Templates) are conversion optimized, ready to import websites made with the free Astra WordPress theme and your favorite page builders: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy or Gutenberg.

    Astra Starter Sites were launched 2 years ago and have helped tens of thousands of people simplify the WordPress website building process. 

    It’s not easy to start with a fresh install of WordPress and design a complete website especially if you are a beginner. 

    That’s why I use and recommend Astra Starter Templates to give you a starting point to build your profitable website.

    Benefits of Astra Starter Templates

    1. Flexible Templates
    2. Zero Coding Required
    3. No Design Skills Needed
    4. Mix and Match Pages
    5. Save Time and Money

    What's New Astra Starter Templates 2.0?

    There are a few new features released in Astra Starter Templates 2.0.

    Template Library Updates

    You can now sync the Starter Templates library to fetch newly added templates.

    In addition, you can mark your favorite templates while browsing the designs. This makes it easier to find your favorite designs in one place. 

    Import Single Pages

    You can now import single pages from any of the templates. This allows you to mix and match your favorite templates.

    For example, you can import the home page from one site and the about page from a different site. 

    Automatically Inherit Theme Customizer Settings

    Astra Starter Templates will automatically inherit your theme customizer settings.

    If you set your WordPress website theme colors in the Customizer to black and gold (for example) before you import a Starter Template. Then when you import any of the starter templates it will automatically inherit the customizer colors and display an imported page in black and gold. 

    Similarly, templates will also inherit all customizer settings including typography, spacing, layout, buttons, and so on. 

    This saves so much time to convert the imported template to reflect your brand.

    Free Pixabay Images Inside WordPress

    You get access to the entire library of free Pixabay images right inside your WordPress media library.

    All you need to do is search the images and click to insert media.

    This is another huge time saver! You no longer need to leave your WordPress website to source royalty-free images. 

    Install Astra and import Astra Starter Templates

    1. Login to your new WordPress website
    3. Search Astra theme
    4. Click INSTALL and ACTIVATE
    5. Click on GET STARTED to install the Astra Starter Templates plugin
    6. Choose your favorite page builder: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy or Gutenberg
    7. Choose your favorite ready made website design 
    8. Click to Import the entire template or individual pages of multiple templates
    9. Get notified within 2-10 minutes once the import is complete
    10. The last step is to customize your WordPress website pages with your images and text using the editor / page builder you chose in the beginning: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy or Gutenberg


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