Learn how to install a wordpress theme. A guide for beginners at Jennifer-Franklin.com

Install WordPress Theme: A Beginner’s Guide

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Install WordPress Theme

If you are new to WordPress and want to know how to install WordPress theme on your new site, keep reading because this post is for you!

A beginner's guide: how to install WordPress theme. You have WordPress installed and want to change the theme? I'll show you how at Jennifer-Franklin.com!

What is a WordPress Theme?

Technical: A WordPress theme is a collection of files called template files that work together to define the overall design and changes the way your site looks.

Non-technical: A WordPress theme changes your site design without the need to know how to write code. YAY!

There are thousands (millions?), let's just say there are A LOT of paid and free themes to choose from. I suggest that you experiment with a few different themes to find the one that best meets your needs.

WordPress Dashboard

First, you will log in to your WordPress Dashboard. (Some may laugh at this step; however, I may know someone who had trouble with this.) 😉

Your dashboard will most likely be found here (be sure to change "yourdomain.com" to your domain name):


Enter your username or email address and password on your dashboard login page. It will look like this:

How to install a WordPress theme: A beginner's guide on Jennifer-Franklin.com.


On the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard is a list of tabs that run vertically. Scroll down until you find APPEARANCE tab. It has a small paintbrush to the left of it. Hover over it and a list of options will pop-up. Click on THEMES.

How to install WordPress theme: a guide for beginners.

On this page, you will see some pre-installed themes like Twenty Seventeen. At the top left, click on ADD NEW.

On the next page, you can select from the following WordPress themes: Featured, Popular, Latest, search for a specific theme, or search for themes with specific features.

Have a new WordPress site and want to change the look? Install WordPress theme: a beginner's guide will show you how!

Spend some time looking through the themes. To find out more information about a theme, hover over the image and click on DETAILS & PREVIEW. This will open up a page with theme details on the left and a preview of the theme on the right.

Want more WordPress theme options?

  • GeneratePress is what I use for Jennifer-Franklin.com and my new favorite that can be customized a zillion different ways!
  • ThemeForest has 32,394+ Website Templates and Themes From $2!
  • Creative Market also has many custom WordPress themes to choose from. This site also offers 6 FREE creative downloads per week (including fonts, templates, pattern packs, and more).

Once you decide on a theme, click on INSTALL. WordPress will install the theme and show you a success message when finished. From here, you can choose from Live Preview, Activate or Return to Theme Installer. Click on ACTIVATE.

Congratulations, you have just installed a new theme!

*cue the happy dance*

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  1. I think this tutorial is very helpful! This is a wonderful, short and to the point guide. Installing a theme is the very first step one should know in WordPress blogging. There are so many themes out there, it can be very overwhelming. Thank you again for covering this topic so well.

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